Loc-I Explorer



A visual explorer that interfaces with the Loc-I integration API APIs. This tool will enable users to visualise and interactively explore (by clicking on links) and searching the graph of interconnected ontologies (concepts), Loc-I datasets, spatial features within them and linksets that describe spatial relationships between them (i.e. by location, text labels, codes).


The Loc-I graph i.e. the datasets, spatial features within them, and links between them and to observation data stores that they reference, is a complex interconnected information space with billions of nodes and links between them. The Loc-I explorer provides user interfaces to enable to navigating of the graph.

Functionality that Explorer aims to provide:


Via a web application that provides enable users to conduct point and click browsing and search across the graph.


A web accessible interactive graph viewing tool that will enable users to search, find by point, and click to explore the Loc-I reference cache at the top level i.e. dataset and linkset level.

Anticipated future functionality