Loc-I Integrated API

Link to API here.


A REST API to a Loc-I Integrated Cache and other related data sources.

Example use of the Loc-I Integrated API in a Jupyter Notebook:


Provides developers and technical analysts with interfaces to the Loc-I reference cache and other sources, to build applications and query a Loc-I cache without having to know SPARQL. This allows rapid development of applications using the REST API.


Via the REST API. Swagger doc available here.


Loc-I Technical Architecture Overview

Anticipated future functionality


A note on the /location/overlaps endpoint - for operations needing area calculations, the loci-integration-api is currently limited to these feature types due to availability of albers areas values (or just point data):


ASGS 2016 Main Structures (see https://asgsld.net/2016/)

Feature Type Prefix Shortcode Alias
State or Territory http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/asgs2016/stateorterritory/ asgs16_ste STE
Statistical Area Level 1 http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/asgs2016/statisticalarealevel1/ asgs16_sa1 SA1
Statistical Area Level 2 http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/asgs2016/statisticalarealevel2/ asgs16_sa2 SA2
Statistical Area Level 3 http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/asgs2016/statisticalarealevel3/ asgs16_sa3 SA3
Statistical Area Level 4 http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/asgs2016/statisticalarealevel4/ asgs16_sa4 SA4
MeshBlock http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/asgs2016/meshblock/ asgs16_mb MB

ASGS 2016 Other ABS Structures (see https://asgsld.net/2016/)

Feature Type Prefix Shortcode Alias
Greater Capital City Statistical Areas http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/asgs2016/greatercapitalcitystatisticalarea/ asgs16_gccsa GCCSA
Remoteness Areas http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/asgs2016/remotenessarea/ asgs16_ra RA

ASGS 2016 Other Non-ABS Structures

These are ABS’s approximations (based on Mesh Blocks) of the feature types.

Feature Type Prefix Shortcode Alias
Local Government Areas http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/asgs2016/localgovernmentarea/ asgs16_lga LGA

Geofabric v2.1.1 (see https://geofabricld.net/)

Feature Type Prefix Shortcode Alias
AWRADrainageDivision http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/geofabric/drainagedivision/ geofabric2_1_1_awradrainagedivision dd
HR River Region http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/geofabric/riverregion/ geofabric2_1_1_riverregion rr
AHGFContractedCatchments http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/geofabric/contractedcatchment/ geofabric2_1_1_ahgfcontractedcatchment cc

G-NAF 2016 (see https://gnafld.net/)

Feature Type Prefix Shortcode Alias
Address http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/gnaf-2016-05/address/ gnaf1605_addr addr
Street Locality http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/gnaf-2016-05/streetLocality/ gnaf1605_streetlocality streetlocality
Locality http://linked.data.gov.au/dataset/gnaf-2016-05/locality/ gnaf1605_locality locality