Loc-I Reference Cache


Central cache holding a set of spatial layers to serve as a reference for other applications. The layers included are as directed by the Loc-I steering committee.


The Loc-I reference cache provides a graph store for applications and users to query spatial linked data features. This provides users with SPARQL APIs that allows for flexible and powerful queries across the graph store (triple store).


Via a graph store (RDF triple store). The current implementation uses GraphDB.

Simplified architecture view

Loc-I Technical Architecture Overview

Detailed architecture view

Loc-I Cache Architecture


GraphDB store that caches ASGS 2016, Geofabric v2.1.1, G-NAF (as of May 2016).

Querying the graph cache API

The MVP applications that are being developed, query APIs (either via Loc-I integration API or directly via SPARQL to the graph triple store) using SPARQL queries. Using path-based SPARQL queries, it is possible to ask multi-hop questions leveraging the unique power of graph-based DBs like:

Running queries like that allows client applications to easily perform tasks like:

Anticipated future functionality